Sunday, August 15, 2010

Button Magnets!!

Back in 2007, How about orange... posted a tutorial as to how to make fabric covered buttons into fabric covered pins. Then, in 2009, How about orange re-posted a tutorial as to how make these button/pins into magnets...the perfect project for little ol' me who is about to move into a new apartment and wants fancy new pretty things for it!

First, I bought this fabric button kit from; I bought two which totaled eight buttons:

Next, I went to a local yard sale and retrieved some fantastic fabric scraps for $1. I grouped these scraps with some old head scarfs of mine and created a large pool of pretty fabrics to choose from.
The kit comes with a white plastic tub, a blue pusher, button fronts and backs complete with sewing loops:

The kit also comes with a fabric sizing chart which shows the appropriate circle size for the specific buttons included, here is some fabric cut to my button size:

Once the fabric is cut, the process is super easy and really quick. Just place the fabric right side down onto the tub and place the button front on top.

Proceed to push the button front into the tub and fold the excess fabric into the cavity of the button front.

Next, remove the sewing loop from the button back (this will later be replaced by a magnet) with some pliers. This is by far the hardest part of the entire process and is easily completed within 10 seconds.

Place the button back on top of the folded in fabric and use the blue pusher to set it in place.

You get something that looks like this:

Pop the button out and voila! finished product!

These are what my eight look like. All I have to do now is go to the hardware store, buy some magnets and glue them to the backs!

All in all it was a really fun and quick project. I can't wait to see them on our fridge : )