Sunday, March 11, 2012



We love beets. If they are on a menu at a restaurant you can bet that we'll be ordering them. We've tried making beets a few times in the past and have not been successful. I found what appeared to be a very easy beet-pickling recipe via pinterest and decided to give it a shot. 

I am so glad I did. These beets are incredibly easy to make and really flavorful. 

First cut the greens off of the beet and chop them into equally sized portioned - I cut mine into quarters.

Boil for 30 minutes. The cut beets made the water a brilliant orangey-red which was a lot of fun to watch. However, I did not want to leave the kitchen in case it boiled over and stained our white oven. Drain, rinse with cool water, rub off the peels with your fingers, and slice up. I made my slices pretty thin and was thankful for it. While the pickling marinade tastes delicious, some of the larger chunks can taste a little too vinegary.

While the beets are boiling you can mix up the marinade: apple cider vinegar, dry mustard, sugar, olive oil. Toss the beet slices in this marinade and let it hang out for a good 30 minutes.

DONE. So easy and sooo yummy. We're obsessed. I definitely recommend trying this recipe.