Friday, July 23, 2010

new projects

A few nights ago I found this site and it is amazing. Lots of craft links, food links, and household links. Below are some of the projects I am looking forward to attempting in the future. They range from simply cutting fabric and draping it around your neck, to a full blown winter jacket that is SUPER adorable.

No-Sew Jersey Scarf
Japanese Coin Purse
Bicycle Frame Bag
T-Shirt Summer Sweater
Fabric Covered Magnets
Stash Baskets
Lots O' Bags
Reversible Coat

I can't wait for my new(ish) sewing machine to get here. One of the non-fabric crafts that I will attempt as soon as we move into our new place are make your own bath bombs. I don't know about you, but I LOVED bath bombs as a kid, they make baths that much more delectable. I hope to find really cute novelty ice cube trays and make bath bombs of all sorts. Mostly, I would enjoy finding little skulls, owls, or any other kind of stocky animal shapes. I could try these now but I don't have a clean bathtub to test them in and everything I've read says that they have a short shelf-life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Salmon steaks, pineapple, and asparagus


On Saturday, Simon and I took advantage of a luxury that we will soon cease to have...a backyard and a grill. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of salmon steaks, pineapple, and asparagus.

The salmon marinated for two hours in a mixture of brown sugar, soy sauce, evvo, and water, after being spiced with lemon pepper, and garlic powder. I really believe that marinating the fish made it stay super juicy during and after grilling. We grilled it with the skin on which kept the fat close to the fish, which also probably prevented the steaks from drying out.

The pineapple was freshly cut and just thrown on the grill naked. I really do like breaking down's really messy and a lot of fun.

The asparagus was given a generous coating of oil, salt, and pepper and were grilled for only a few minutes, but boy were they delicious.

The whole thing cost about $20 at the store, and Simon and I each got about two meals from it, amounting for 4 delicious, healthy, and filling dinners running about $5 each...that is pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Projects!

I'm back! I have a two completed projects! Well...three...but I only have pictures of two of them. 1) During my long blogging hiatus, I have completed a very large knitted scarf that has proved wonderful during the snowy Boston winters.

On another note, a few months ago, my friend Lauren made me a beautiful skirt:

and I got the sewing bug!

Sewing has a long history in my family. My Grandmom Warner and Aunt Dianne were/are avid sewers. I told my aunt about the skirt project with Lauren and she sent up a massive amount of fabric for me to play with; and soon, she will be giving me a fancy sewing machine which used to belong to my Aunt Betty-Anne. yay, new toys!

However, the sewing machine won't be here until September, and then I need to learn how to use it, and well....I got impatient and decided to hand-sew a few projects.

I made a 4 square pillow will the scraps of my skirt and the left over stuffing from the toys I made for Micah and Zoe. Also, I put together a yoga mat bag!

The pillow was pretty easy. 8 squares, sewn together, stuffed, sewn shut. Easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy.

it's actually really comfortable.

The yoga mat proved more difficult since I did not have a pattern, I just made it up myself. It is complete with a carrying strap with adjustable D-ring fasteners, and a cinching top closure. This fabric came from my Aunt Dianne and I really, really love the pattern/colors. I initially wanted to make clothing out of it but the squares are slightly to big for my ever-so slight frame.

I had some difficulty with gauging the diameter of the bag since the yoga mat can vary in size depending on how tightly it is rolled, and the mat is also very grippy so I had to made the bag loose enough to easily slide over the bag. After a few tries I managed to get it right.

While I didn't have any patterns, I did look up a few different yoga mat designs on the internet. I found a few that had flat bottoms, a-la this bag. Which would have been super easy but I really didn't like the way it looked. I went a head and attempted securing a circular bottom. It wasn't fun to sew it together, but all in all it worked pretty well. I was left with a bit of a fold at the end, but it tucked in nicely and isn't proving harmful or unattractive. I'm assuming I just measured it incorrectly.

And there we have it! New toys and I saved probably $20-30 by making my own yoga bag, and the pillow will look really nice in our new long as I don't wear the skirt any where near it...