Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knitting Puppies

so i've been teaching myself how to knit.

my first task are to make these really cute puppies, which i am going to send to some of my brother's friend's children, micah and zoe. there will also be an owl later on. these toys really consist of rectangles of knitting that you add felt and buttons to in order to make it look like an animal, but they are really very cute.

so far i've made a practice body in a tan yarn that is going to be simon's. only three sides are sewn together because i need to buy toy stuffing and other accesories this weekend to finish it off.

simon's dog is 16 stitches x 40 rows with a size 8 needles. big yarn, big needles, big stitches.

for micah and zoe's dog i'm using a blue, much softer, much finer yarn and a size 6 needle. so, i had to increase the pattern to 20 stitches by 70 rows. it's still slightly shorter in height, but much longer in length...think a dachsund or something like that.

the one side that is done took about 4 hrs and 15 minutes...a lot of time for something so small, but it's pretty and very soft.

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