Saturday, January 14, 2012

Glass Etching!

Simon and I store a lot of our food in mason jars. Not only do they look good, but they do a great job keeping food fresh. I've always loved the look of labeled mason jars such as these:

or this (both images found on Pinterest):

Not too long ago I found this tutorial on how to use glass etching cream to make permanent designs on mason jars. I didn't even know glass etching cream existed. What a good idea! So I decided to do a test run on an extra mason jar we had around the kitchen. I'm really glad I did so because this is definitely a DIY that will take some practice to perfect.

First I made the stencil out of painter's tape. 

The lines weren't perfect but I was happy with the overall look and fit.

Applying the etching cream was awkward and nerve-wracking. This stuff apparently destroys skin if it comes in contact. I was also using a sponge instead of a paintbrush so the application was very uneven. When all was said and done, I did not burn my skin. 

I was a little uncertain about how long to keep the cream on, so I gave it 4 minutes before rinsing it off and removing the stencil. 

Here's what I learned:
1) the stencil can't have any wrinkles - the etching cream will seep in to them and ruin the straight line you spent so much time making
2) the cream really needs to be applied evenly
3) the cream probably could have stayed on for a good 6 minutes to get a really nice distinct etch

I actually pretty happy with the results. They clearly aren't perfect but I have four more sides to practice on before moving to the jars we actually use!

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  1. that's so cool. i didn't know glass etching cream existed either!