Friday, July 23, 2010

new projects

A few nights ago I found this site and it is amazing. Lots of craft links, food links, and household links. Below are some of the projects I am looking forward to attempting in the future. They range from simply cutting fabric and draping it around your neck, to a full blown winter jacket that is SUPER adorable.

No-Sew Jersey Scarf
Japanese Coin Purse
Bicycle Frame Bag
T-Shirt Summer Sweater
Fabric Covered Magnets
Stash Baskets
Lots O' Bags
Reversible Coat

I can't wait for my new(ish) sewing machine to get here. One of the non-fabric crafts that I will attempt as soon as we move into our new place are make your own bath bombs. I don't know about you, but I LOVED bath bombs as a kid, they make baths that much more delectable. I hope to find really cute novelty ice cube trays and make bath bombs of all sorts. Mostly, I would enjoy finding little skulls, owls, or any other kind of stocky animal shapes. I could try these now but I don't have a clean bathtub to test them in and everything I've read says that they have a short shelf-life.

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