Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fanny Pack Kingdom

I want a fanny pack.

Yep, a fanny pack.

Let me clarify: I want a fanny pack for cycling. I could pretend to wear it ironically, but I really just need something small to hold my keys and wallet while biking. Messenger bags are too big for me and I hate wearing my backpack unnecessarily. Sometimes I need to bring clothes or larger things with me while on my bike, and a backpack is great for that...but sometimes I don't...and then it is just annoying and cumbersome. Not to mention that I don't need another layer of fabric against my back while riding in the summer.

So I've decided to return to the 80s and get a fanny pack. But which one!

I've narrowed the candidates to the following:

1) subtle plaid and fitted to the body. minimal bulk.

2) similar to option #1. minimal bulk, close fitting, but the color is more versatile.

3) this one is just fun. bright plaids, ruffles, and when slung over the shoulder (off the bike) it could easily transform into a super cute purse. however, this bag is not very versatile and is very bulky. but it sure makes a statement!

4) old school. if i'm going to go for it, i might as well go for it. super bulk, polka dot, and equipped with a super-big yellow plastic zipper.


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