Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Series of (Delicious) Mistakes

A while back...say...before Thanksgiving (!)...I decided I wanted to make these Pumpkin Cookies from the blog Let's Dish. Needless to say, I became so absorbed in surviving the end of my semester that the cookies were put on hold. Also, I was completely unable to find canned matter how many stores I tried I just couldn't find it anywhere. That said, the heavy cream I bought for the recipe expires on 1/2/11 so it was either make them tonight or probably never make them at all. I didn't want to stand in the kitchen all night, so I decided to make a mess of our living room floor in front of our TV, this was most certainly my first mistake...

I was distracted. I didn't have all the ingredients I needed. I made substitutions, screwed up my measurements, and did not pay attention to the directions. I used pumpkin pie mix instead of canned pumpkin, half of my butter was actually margarine, and somehow I only added one cup of flour instead of two; it was sort of a cookie free-for-all, but the dough tasted good so I went ahead with the baking.

The cookies flattened out and turned into pumpkin flavored, very crumbly, pancakes - but delicious pumpkin flavored, very crumbly, pancakes.

It was then time to make the icing! Even after noting all the mistakes I made with the cookies, I still did not have enough willpower to focus on the directions for the icing, and yes, I screwed up again.

The recipe instructs the baker to let the boiling heavy cream, brown sugar, and butter cool before adding the powdered sugar. I did not. I threw that fluffy goodness directly into the boiling gooey goodness. The result was interesting. The powdered sugar mixed in a bit, and then remained in small little undissolvable balls. They look a little funny, but they make for tiny little powdered sugar pockets that are actually quite delicious in the icing.

All in all the series of mistakes made for some odd, but delicious cookies. A recipe that withstands my inattention must be extraordinary when made correctly.

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